Friday, June 11, 2010

Environmentally Friendly Gifts - Yes or No?

Although being environment friendly is not a very new concept, in the recent years the trend of being conscious about the way we live, food we eat; things we do in our lives is gaining more popularity. Being eco-friendly is not a style but being responsible and with the growing concerns over the environment and climate change, it is the need of the hour. At some point of time almost every one of us must had thought of contributing in some way in addressing environment challenges. Inculcating a responsible lifestyle means – all acts to be inclined towards being close to the nature, with the present day lifestyle it could be very challenging. It is also important to educate and encourage people around us and among our social networks. Exchanging environmentally friendly gifts can be a good solution to start with. 

Gifting is a common practice in all cultures which can form easy and most appropriate way to start. If you are looking to shop for any environmentally friendly gifts, and thinking what can be a good gift. Then don’t be surprised there are numerous options; you just have to be sensible and imaginative enough. In the market you may find many products categorised as eco-friendly, green products or nature friendly. The specially designed and manufactured goods are often marked with a label; also there are speciality brands as well. Environmentally friendly gifts can be anything – it can be any energy saving device, recycled good, an organic product, or anything that has less or no impact on the environment while serving any useful purpose. So, upon your friend’s priorities or lifestyle requirements and your budget you may choose any item that is environmentally-friendly depending on their suitability to easily get integrated into the receiver’s everyday activities. Few examples could be – organic garments, organic cosmetics, office or personal stationary made out of recycled materials, toys, decorative items or a daily use products like re-usable water bottle, the list can go on. While exploring ideas for environmentally friendly gifts then thinking about wasteful lifestyle practices that have become very common in our everyday lives. Just imagination is your limit, so be creative.

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