Thursday, June 10, 2010

Building a Green House

Have you ever wondered how to build a green home with ecofriendly building material? First of all, a green home must be highly insulated, to reduce unnecessary heating and cooling expenditures. They must also have thermally shielded glass windows, to reduce heating or cooling losses. They are manufactured with a high recycled eco friendly building materials content, to avoid utilization of virgin materials. 

So, that’s what they are, but why buy a green house?  In essence, they must be eco-friendly and make good sense financially. In fact, over the life of a typical 30-year mortgage, green houses pay for themselves. In fact, when one purchases a green house, they typically recoup the costs in 15 years or less. Other benefits include energy conservation and reducing your personal carbon footprint. Lastly, many homeowners receive tax breaks for the same purchase and by using ecofriendly building materials

Photo: Francesco Marino

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