Friday, June 11, 2010

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Buying an environmentally friendly gift is something more personal than just giving out cash or some meaningless product they'll likely never use, it also helps the environment as well.Therefore, it is very important that you actually put some thought and effort into choosing the best environmentally friendly gift. 
In this snippet, we'll discuss  five environmentally friendly gifts.  

1. An eco-friendly Shopping Bag is a great gift for moms, sisters, wives and girlfriends out there, which they would no doubt cherish not only because of what it made of, but also because there’s the additional incentive of flashing their trendy bags when they go shopping. 

2. For students, and office workers, you could consider giving out books or stationary made of  recycled paper. 

3. Another option is a potted flowering plant. What else would scream ‘Green’, literally? Besides, nothing can touch a person more than flowers. So, why not stick to the age-old tradition and gift a bouquet arranged in Japanese or Indian style along with other environmentally friendly gifts

4. Finally, whenever one comes across the term ‘eco-friendly’, one can’t help but be reminded of the Water Powered Clock or the Solar Calculator. There are many varieties of the water clock, commonly known as the H2O Clock, including the latest model which comes with a LCD screen. As far as the Solar Calculator and other solar gadgets are concerned, they are no different from the normal battery operated ones, except that they have a series of solar cells to absorb light, which means ‘No More Batteries’! 

Photo:Francesco Marino

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