Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eco-friendly or Green House

Why Should One Purchase Ecofriendly or Green House? Green houses aren’t the first things that pop into your head when you hear the phrase. They aren’t glass buildings where plants soak up the sun and are protected from outdoor temperatures. You hear a lot of buzz about them in the media, stories of actors buying them, stories about top business executives and their green style of living, but very few of those same sources explain why the house is considered green. You might not know what that means, or why it’s such a big deal. Once you do understand what they are, you might very well ask yourself “Why buy a green house?” There are LOTS of good answers to that last question, but let’s define the meaning of a green house first. Green houses are homes which are “eco-friendly.” Ecofriendly houses are the wave of the future.

First, they create a minimal impact on our environment. They do not replace wildlife habitat area. Building them does with ecofriendly materials not create environmental pollutants. Second, they are made from sustainable materials. That means that the wood flooring is constructed from renewable resources, like bamboo or farmed hardwoods, not rain forest species of trees that will never be replaced once cut down. Third, they are powered by alternative energy sources. They use electricity that comes from wind turbines or solar cells, not from the coal-fueled electrical grid. And fourth, they have a minimal carbon footprint. They may have solar water heating, so that fuel isn’t spent needlessly heating water tanks. 

Photo: Francesco Marino

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